Saturday, May 19, 2012

Telling Time

In the Lounge/Living Room.  Sitting on Fireplace Mantel.
Vintage clock with ceramic parrots glazed in iridescent finish.
Acquired at Bowsers of Barossa.
We love clocks and timepieces here.  Especially ones with good character.  Ian is a self taught and rather talented watchmaker, he restores vintage mechanical watches from the 1880- 1930s era and is now making watchcases in titanium.  So time keepers are favourite items in our home.  Practical and also beautiful.

I like to be able to see what time it is in every room, without having to look at a watch (maybe I am not wearing one at that moment ?!)...or my mobile phone.  So the goal is a gorgeous clock in every room, so I have only to glance to know what time it is.  It doesn't matter so much to me if the clocks are vintage or not, but good looks and character definitely count.  Though, some of the clocks you will see below are more symbolic than exact or actual time measuring.  Some are set statically at times, like close of business, cat dinner time or wine o'clock.  Others don't tell time at all !  But I love them all.

Check out some of our collection, deployed in various vignettes and settings here at home.
Master Bedroom.  Cool looking shiny chrome
clock in fob watch style.
Sourced from Ironstone Cottage in Tanunda.
In the Kitchen.  big vintage Telechron Clock,
with verdigris chippy finish.
Sourced from davidmetnicole, Surry Hills.
Complemented by pale green enamel tea kettle.
Love the greens !  In the Lounge/Living Room.
French vintage hexagon shaped LePaute clock.
Also sourced from davidmetnicole, Surry Hills.
Above a framed
antique map of Great Britain, map found in an
antique arcade on my travels in UK.
In my office:  vintage style old clock,
Chinese paintbrushes found in Beijing markets, and
two charming encaustics paintings by Jacqueline Coates
Alos in my office.
Fab vintage 50s era Tonka farm truck,
vintage globe, and a big clock dial.
All found on & acquired from ebay.
Again, my office.  Old ceramic clock dial,
detail from a stunning oil painting Too Small for Me,
by Marie Peter-Tolz, 2010, Paris. 
Close up of vignette on fireplace mantel in my office
"K" is for Kim
(Timber K inherited from my grandfather,
graced his office for years
sitting atop an antique shorthand book)
ceramic clock dial and oil painting backdrop

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