Friday, January 3, 2014

Unscheduled Summer Break

Oh my, we had high hopes to finish off the studio very fast and get to using it !  Not so fast it seems.

Ian rang me Tuesday, hours before New Years Eve festivities time would get underway.  From the Emergency Room at the local hospital.  Thankfully its close by, because he had been in an accident and lost tips of two fingers to a power tool on a hot hot day !  I met him at the hospital, where we spent several hours while the doctor stitched up artery and veins in each finger (to stop bleeding) and kept him for observation.  We came home with pain killers and antibiotics.

Two days later the fingers are healing.  A day in doctors office and in hospital later….we learn a bit more lost and he would likely need grafts to recover (which would make for more complicated recovery)  He was sent home after tests and treatment, and a special dressing for each of the wounded fingers.  Of course, we won't know for sure what is next  for a week, when he meets with a Hand specialist at Royal Adelaide Hospital.  Its just rest, positive healing thoughts, and time that need to do their thing !

How things look at the current point of progress.
Almost a room !
So our studio won't be done as soon as we thought.  While he can do some things with one hand, many of them are not well indicated quite yet, as the hurt hand feels best when it isn't over jostled or anything !  Ian is working through his summer reading pile instead.  We are grateful it wasn't worse and want to help it heal, so we can get back to life and doing things again (Ian is never idle much, he is always doing things, and, using his hands).

So, more when we have some developments to report.  Sure there are a few things to do.  I have cleaned up the scene of the accident already, and there is a bit more tidy up to do, so we have a workable covered patio, partly enclosed.  Three windows are in now, and the accident occurred right in midst of preparing some of the timber framing for the fourth.  We can put two of the panes of glass back in their frames, and the area can get cleaned up until ready to do next construction bits and pieces.  I just may need to rearrange the sequence of things. It seems some de-clutter, rearranging, painting and soft furnishings work in and around the house may need to move up on the list while that last stage of construction waits the opportunity to get back at it  again !
Ian and Kim at Christmas

Happy New Year 2014 to you all :)

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