Monday, October 17, 2016

The List (Renovations are Never Done)

painted furniture pieces in our dining room
Years after moving into and living in our renovated old house, there is still plenty more we would love to do.  Perhaps someday when we free up resources to make it so !

So what would we do ?

  • (Finish) paintwork on the exterior
  • paint the old roof (with micaceous iron oxide paint or other suitable finish)
  • replace the guttering
  • pave the driveway
  • put up a carport, or covered parking
  • restored the verandah & all trims on it
  • do some more gardening & landscaping, to make some of the terraced areas prettier
  • build or put up a small "writers" cottage with a little verandah up on the hill

Wow, there's a fair bit to do here.  And these are all big projects.  How about a few smaller or indoor things ?  I have a smaller, easier to take down list:

  • paint over the walls in my office
  • figure out how to make the functional laundry into a more clever and stylish space 
  • get a timber file cabinet, paint it, and put in Ian's computer area
  • paint a new painting for the bedroom wall
  • cover or paint the magazine file boxes on bookshelves to create a more unified and attractive look
  • install a wall of DIY built in storage cabinets in the storeroom office space
  • install a wall of DIY built in storage cabinets in the spare room for stowing all the fabric and sewing materials behind doors for a neater look
  • Get Ian's help painting the rest of the walls in the Dining room (to match the two we painted last year, they look so good !)
  • clean up and organise my office !!

and maybe should just get on with doing some of these !

Meantime, I enjoy living in our warm and wonderful old stone home.

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