Thursday, November 22, 2012

Almost Done: Laundry & Storeroom

 It has been a busy spring of construction so far.  I found a fab old shop trolley and brought it home to keep and use for my art paints, palettes, and mediums.  Someday (when I have a completed studio space to deploy it in !).  Meantime, it has gotten pressed into service as a paint trolley for our works in progress.

And so while Ian tackles jobs big and small around here, things are coming together.

storeroom, with a crate
sitting in middle of the
laundry/bathroom, feels
a real room now !

The storeroom and the laundry/bathroom are looking pretty good.  These photos show both as they looked when I departed on the latest business travel, at end of October.  Both rooms with tidy wall boards and ceiling board.  Plus some moulding at top of the walls.   What a difference it makes having the walls and ceilings up.  Like "real rooms."  Though no lights as yet.  You see the electrical cables hanging from the ceiling for the overhead lights.  The photo of laundry on left has a worklamp in it at time of the photo, to light up the area.  Both areas have concrete slab floors, but a bit rough, they will get covered with tiling later.

Laundry now ready for service.
Two overhead lights, installed but replacement
glass domes on order
 And then after my travel, I returned mid November to find a lot done !  Lights connected and installed.  Warm mid grey porcelain floor tiles leftover from our inside renovations laid and grouted.  Walls finished off and painted (Porter's Icelandic Stone in Laundry, Porter's Old Church White 200% in store room).

In the laundry the shower base, toilet are in place.  A sink cabinet and new tap installed.  A broom cabinet also put in the corner.  The washer is in place and even working !!

The overhead lights need new glass covers, as both were broken when we opened the box.  Apparently happened to a lot of buyers of them, the supplier has had to order replacements. But they work !  We will be putting in a sky light in between them.  Sometime in early 2013.  The skylight fittings we want are 440 dollars, just for all the materials.
Accent light fitting above sink.
Need to put up a mirror or mirrored cabinet.
Must find the Dryer bracket
to mount it on the wall.

the shower area, not yet tiled
 The decision of what colour for the laundry walls was especially difficult.  What to use with the mid grey floor tiles, the white appliances and sink cabinet ?  And the cream coloured tiles we have for the shower.  White would have seemed more versatile, but we got the tiles for a good price, $5 a box.  And they are older tiles, made in Australia.  Simple 100 x 200 subway tiles.  But cream, not white.  I was intent to find a way to use them, as we have had to do everything we can to reduce outlay for this laundry/bathroom.  We will also order or later get a piece of tempered glass for the side of the shower nearest to the toilet fitting.  A fixed pane of glass for side of the shower.  The other two are the corner shown in the photo, yet to be tiled.  The un covered side will have a rail and a shower curtain.  That's the plan at this point !
Storeroom. one overhead
ceiling light and two
pendants, with simple
decorative glass bulbs.

And the store room is looking very neat and tidy.  A few boxes already moved in.  More when the base moulding can go in.  The wall on right (where the crate is) will be storage.  I hope a wall full of closet/cupboards.  Not too deep, maybe 60 cm deep.  Floor to ceiling (which is not that tall).  Fitted with shelves for lots of storage space.  Underneath the pendant lights, will be a desk.  To its left, most or the whole wall will get painted with chalkboard paint.

More soon, I have more with tiling done to show next post.

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  1. It all looks great! Am loving the Icelandic Stone and the floor tiles together!