Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mini Orb in the Passage Way

mini orb ceiling of passage way trimmed and finished neatly
 Slowly but surely we are making more and more progress with the renovations in the back.  The laundry is working now, and the bathroom in it lacks only additional glass screen or doors in the shower.  The storeroom is pretty much done too.  Both rooms now have door framing and doors hung.  The framing and doors them selves need to be painted up.  A task likely to get done soon, but on a day when not 35 C !  For fun the doors will be bright colours (I think, ...I mean--why not ?!)
insulation batts go into
passage way roof cavity

Now that the laundry/bath and storeroom are pretty much done, it is time to get the passage way done.  This week has seen that go from not much to nearly complete.  Last week we took delivery of mini orb, in long six metre sheets, needed to do a tidy  finish to the ceiling of the passage way, which runs horizontally past half of the back of the house, with the back foyer area in house structure and the new laundry and storeroom spaces across the passage way from the back foyer doorway and windows.

First Ian put up the rest of the insulation batts.  I was rather relieved about this, because I wondered what we would do with it all, the left over portion from roof space above laundry and storeroom.  I must say, those rooms have stayed temperate, even on hot days, so the insulation is so helpful.  None of those rooms or the passage way running in front of them have very lofty high ceilings.  So the insulation is essential to keep the area from feeling like a little furnace.

the passage way ceiling looks excellent
The area for the ceiling was already framed in steel, work done earlier when Ian was doing a lot of framing.  Once the insulation was in place, he began to put up the long sheets of mini orb steel.  I take it this was a tricky or even unpleasant job, probably because the sheets are very long and we don't own a sheet holder.  I had to work, so could not help this part of the project (and I might not have been very useful anyhow, that is how some of these things just are...Engineering Department finds me not to be useful enough, tall enough, strong enough, or at times I haven't the right attitude !  At times, it seems best to just stay out of the way...).

Now you can see on left the passage way ceiling is done.  Wiring ready for the flushmount light fitting.  Edging neatly applied to finish off the mini orb.

I have been asked what colour will get painted  in the passage way.  Happy day--the icky sicky mint green paint over render can Finally get covered over.  The answer to all of this is a grey colour.  something that will look industrial, not too dark, but with lights will look very smart.  I have to find a suitable product for the icky green side on the right of the snap, as Ian prefers a textured finish over having to make the existing mess of a finish perfect.  The sheet board on left side of the passage way will be the same, but it just needs a primer on the wall finish and then a lick of paint.

close up of hammer finish
metal paint in Gunmetal

Meantime, just outside the passage way (which in last pic is far on right, the dark area)., we have  clad the other side of laundry shower wall in colour bond we had left over from other projects here.  There were two different colours so it looked patchy and funny.  We had some metal paint in a hammer finish that was used on the kitchen island left over.  Just enough to do the job.  Left photo shows the hammer finish in gunmetal colour way, close up.
the cladding for wall, painted to unify scraps of different
colours Colourbond

meanwhile, with washer and dryer in their new home, there is room in the back foyer for a utility sink area.  More on this soon, the plan is drawn up, it awaits its turn for materials procurement now.  Maybe late next week even !

Next work after that will be to finish up bits and pieces, and start making the list we need to do the studio enclosure.  Its the last job to tackle out back.   Stay tuned, as we work to complete the last chapter of the work.

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