Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Back Foyer Sink

the finished frame holding up the new sink,
with water filter tap on left side and GLITTRAN
tap on centre back of the farm sink
Having been so busy with launching our new business Brocante in the Barossa (, both Ian and I have been very focused on that launch.  But slowly but surely some renovations things have gotten done, inserted into Ian's workshop to do list.

The past month the key task was to upgrade to a front load washing machine, a planned refresh of an old faithful top loader washing machine.  But alas one that would not be able to open in the new laundry with the dryer mounted on the wall.  The plan was to do the washer refresh in June, at end of tax year sales.  I gave Ian the model number washer to go find and he looked around and got one of the models on the list.  Shortly thereafter it was installed.  And the dryer got moved from the back foyer to the laundry, and put on the wall above the new front load washer.  All very good !

The back foyer has been a holding place for lots-of-stuff for months, including the temporary  home for the dryer.  It looked empty when everything was taken away.  I knew we had to put the planned elements into place, or it would become a clutter magnet for sure !

I have wanted a second sink in the back foyer, in the spirit of a butlers pantry.  The sink would be ideal for flower arranging, clean up overflow when entertaining, or when eating outside in good weather.  And general cleaning tasks too.  Also, it needed to have a tap for filtered water, so we could stop buying 10 litre boxes of water for drinking water (the water out
back foyer
(sink sitting on floor)
of the tap in our area tastes horrid, and even a Britta filter pitcher does not neutralise it).

I had various ideas for the sink, as always.  But the one I keep coming back to is a fireclay farm sink...and the best prices for those are found in IKEA's fireclay white apron front farm sink.  Though it is not as deep as other models, there is a double sink model and it is very nice looking and at a fantastic price.  The design I envisioned had it installed with a new IKEA Glittran tap, which is very smart and looking, with an old fashioned vibe to its design.  However, I did not wish to see the sink mounted on a regular cupboard.  Instead, I saw a photo in a magazine with such a sink mounted on a bespoke industrial style metal frame.  I asked Ian to do a design for the sink.
closer look at the steel frame
for the sink, painted in
gunmetal hammer-finish paint

This has taken some time, as he worked on what to make it from, how many supports it would need (the sink is heavy) and worked out the specs for it.  But he just finished it and it is AMAZING !  Made in steel and a frame welded together, and to the exact dimensions to support the sink perfectly.  With round steel feet at bottom of the legs of the frame.  And the frame is finished off in a dark Gunmetal colour Hammer-finish paint.  The left side of the frame has an extra metal piece mounted along the left side, and the water filter tap is mounted there, spilling of the left side of the double sink.

I LOVE the new sink !  It looks great, works great, I love where it is.  It is perfect also to be a beer and wine cooler, filled with ice and bottles, much classier looking than an esky or a bucket !  We will have to do this in spring.

Meantime, more to come.  We have a punch list and this spring and early summer will work to finish the enclosure of the studio space.  Finally !

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